Quantum Physics and Mental Radionics – Aspect 2

QP + MR = Overall health

In my earlier earlier (Quantum Physics and Psychological Radionics) I explained in detail the workings of the Quantum Ocean and Mental Radionics. They are gifts given to us by the Age of Aquarius. We have just entered the Age of Aquarius, and have about 1950 many years to go before we enter the Age of Capricorn.

The a few most important items in our life are wellness, prosperity and loving interactions.

Permit us communicate about wellness in this article. Quantum Physics, Mental Radionics and Well being to be more actual.

We are electrical power beings. We all are not strong physical bodies. We are various energy fields (Actual physical, Mental, Emotional, and Religious) held alongside one another by our Aura (Panty Hose) which surrounds us.

In the Quantum Ocean (Head of God) there exists and archetype or blueprint of a human staying. This is the cookie cutter that our Soul makes use of to develop a physical system when it ‘blinks out’ of the Quantum Ocean. (Infinite Ocean of Pondering Vitality) into the bodily globe of time and place.

A brand name new Soul, so to communicate, or a Soul that is encountering it really is to start with physical incarnation would ‘blink out’ and produce a correctly healthful human body.

But alas, most of us are older Souls and we have gathered down by means of the a Ages of our incarnations may well non-divine energies which have attached themselves to our Souls.

So when we ‘blink out’ into a further incarnation our Soul has to use a physical blueprint that has pre-present energy blockages and type a overall body that is considerably less God-like.

These strength blockages are what causes ailment and dis-eases in the actual physical overall body.

If one ended up to incarnate into the Divine blueprint for a flawlessly healthful human overall body, and lived effectively, by producing confident that there is a enough move of daily life-drive (electrical power) to the bodily human body and all it truly is organs and cells, a single would stay in perfect health and operate, to likely a ripe outdated age of 144 + years.

But we have been programed with erroneus ideas about wellbeing and living. We are living amongst hundreds of thousands of men and women who support these erroneus tips. We have in the past sabotaged our overall health with our unfavorable wondering, emoting and acting.

So, listed here we are with different physical dis-orders dying off at the the early ages of 60, 70, and 80!

But the fantastic information is now with the Legislation of Quantum Physics and the Science of Psychological Radionics, we can get back again on keep track of.

Enable us begin with the most standard of health excersises, utilizing Mental Radionics.

The Quantum Ocean responds to our views, our pictures and the use of our symbols.

The Science of Radionics tells us we will need a few matters to apply Magic at a distance: A Electric power Souce, An Intention, (wish or want), Thought, Picture or symbol, and a Goal.

Your thoughts is the simplest, but quite highly effective, Radionics machine.

Let’s get started our vacation again to much better wellbeing. No 1 is aware of the time issue. Each and every of us is various.

Execute this very little Psychological Radionics Therapeutic Work out at minimum twice a day, (early morning and night time.)

Sit comfortably in your favourite chair and take it easy. Breath in and out softly and deeply. When you experience your are in a comfortable state, start out your visualization. Visualize that you are sitting in that infinite Ocean of Wondering Vitality, the Quantum Ocean (Intellect of God!)

Inside of this Quantum Ocean is the Divine Blueprint for almost everything that at any time was, is or will be. The Divine Blueprint for fantastic wellbeing is there.

Choose a deep breath and intone,: “I am now manifesting the Divine Blueprint of ideal wellness out of the Quantum Ocean (Head of God) into each individual mobile of my body.”

See and sense this blueprint (overlay, pattern) settling down about your body. See it really is sparkling flecks of white mild.

Get a few breaths and make a few intonations. Sit and take it easy though the strength of the Divine Blueprint enters each individual cell in your overall body and commences the therapeutic approach.

Here is what has just occurred. Your brain is a potent Radionics product. When you intoned the text ‘Divine Blueprint’ it achieved into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and designed get in touch with with that Divine Blueprint.

When you intoned, “…… Into every single cell of my overall body….,” you gave this therapeutic energy a

Your brain (electric power source) needs great health (intention) in each and every mobile of your body, (Focus on.)

Each and every day, do not rush or be impatient. How numerous yrs or incarnations have you lived or thought improperly? How numerous psychological and emotional and spiritual blockages do you have? Only time will convey to, and it will acquire Time. But it is effective. It is the Legislation. The Law of Quantum Physics.

Upcoming posts will reveal the use of photographs, symbols and images to enable the healing system.